Hackney Schools to Help Improve Education in Suffolk

Schools in Hackney and Suffolk are joining forces in order to share the expertise and experience, which have helped to improve education in Hackney.

The agreement is based on 10-month inquiry and consultations with Suffolk’s under-performing schools. With a lot of work from both sides, it is believed that Hackney’s focused approach to education will definitely help to improve results in Suffolk.

Councillor Rita Krishna, Cabinet Member for Education and Children's Services, Hackney Council says that she Is looking forward for establishing a more formal relationship with Suffolk County Council, especially when the topic in hand is education and its improvement. The success of the education system in Hackney was brought by a lot of efforts and dedication from teachers, governors, and the rest of the workforce. Hopefully the results, sought after in Suffolk, will be equally satisfying, as the results after a visit from the cleaners in Hackney. In any case, the fact that that Suffolk County Council has agreed on such a partnership, recognises their determination and aspirations for improvement.